Marilyn Monroe Vintage 50s Cocktail Dress - 9 colours - Luna

Dress in White


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  • Marilyn Monroe Vintage 50s Cocktail Dress - 9 colours - Luna Doctor Faust Dress in White
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She donned a beautiful white dress similar to Marilyn Monroe's iconic photo when she stood over the NEW York subway grating to let the breeze blow up her skirt. Though an icon of elegance, style and seduction, there's more to Marilyn Monroe than provocative photo shoots and her sultry demeanor.

- Cocktail Dress.
- Soft Touch Silk Mix.
- Turn Over Boat Neck Line.
- Tie Bow Collar.
- Empire Style Dress.
- Smooth Fabric.
- Elastic Back - Relaxed.

In the film, the white dress appears in the sequence in which Marilyn Monroe and co-star Tom exit the LUX 52nd Street Theatre, then located at Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, having just watched the 1954 horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon. When they hear a subway train passing below the grate in the sidewalk, Monroe's character steps onto the grate saying, Oooo, do you feel the breeze from the subway?, as the wind blows the dress up exposing her legs.

Alternative statement COCKTAIL DRESS.

Style perfect for any occasion - under the moon or sun.

Keep your colours vivid; Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle. Low Iron Inside out.

with DR FAUST Branding, 65% Polyester, 10% Silk, 25% Rayon.



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